Hello, my name is Tim Wijen. I am a travel and landscape photographer based in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
I developed a passion for photography when using my father’s camera gear.  Soon after that I bought my first DSLR camera and my passion started to grow even further. The camera truly changed my life and opened a world of possibilities of being creative.

I absolutely love to travel. Whether I'm hiking in the mountains, camping out or simply ambling along an empty beach I'm in my happy place.
When traveling I like to challenge myself to capture and preserve ‘that feeling’. The golden light during morning dawn, the striking view when being on top of a mountain,  the sound of waves crashing into the rocks etc. My goal is to make people feel like they were there or a part of the photo story I am telling.

There are so many places to explore. So come and join me on the journey! 

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